US Lacrosse sanctioned events

Youth, Middle School and Tournaments

Assignment fee per game and official(s)

$3.50 - assign officials only

$5.50 - assign officials and on site administrator

 $7.50  - assign officials, on site administrator and keep score, game time or penalty time.

$50 per hour billed in quarter hour intervals after the first hour. Minimum 2 officials for full field games. 7 v 7 short field games may have 1 official.

Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) Game Pay

JV $50.00 

 Varsity (3 man) $53.00  

 Varsity (2 man) $58.00 

FHSAA District playoff game $61.00 

FHSAA State play in game $65.00 

FHSAA State Championship tourney $70.00

FHSAA travel fees $12.50 - $20.00 per regular season and district playoff game.

 The travel calculation during the state series is done from the association physical zip code to the game site at a rate of $0.89/mile or $10/official ($30) if the mileage is under 33 miles. 

Payments to the First Coast Lacrosse Officials Association

 All payments for officiating services should be made out to FCLOA. Checks can be sent to FCLOA, 1161 Durbin Park Drive, St. Johns, FL 32259